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Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy has successfully helped many smokers to become nonsmokers. Your success at quitting will be largely dependent on how you answer the following two questions:

  1. Am I ready to quit?
  2. Is now the right time for me to quit?

If you answered no to either of these questions, the likelihood of you successfully quitting is low.

How Laser Therapy Aids in Smoking Cessation

At Aegis Laser Therapeutics Inc., we stimulate specific acupuncture points to stimulate and increase the release of endorphins. It is these endorphins that remove the nicotine craving. When you smoke and inhale, the nicotine is absorbed into the blood stream and the brain's response to nicotine is to produce endorphins. The effects of the nicotine wear off in 30-45 minutes, the endorphin levels decrease, and you light up another cigarette.

This is where your chemical dependency to nicotine arises. Laser Therapy causes the prolonged release of these endorphins over an extended period of time, thereby decreasing the craving for nicotine.

Each person is unique, and as such, treatment results will vary from person to person. Most people will be successful after one treatment, however, a small percentage of people may require anywhere from 2-5 treatments.

Chemical Addiction and Psychological Aspects

Being addicted to smoking is twofold. The nicotine is a chemical addiction, however, there is also the psychological aspect of the addiction. Laser therapy can decrease the chemical craving and dependency on nicotine, however, behavioral modification on your part is necessary to quit for life.

If you are expecting laser therapy to make you quit without any effort on your part, then you are not ready to quit. However, if you are willing to put in an effort to change the habits and triggers that cause you to smoke, you will succeed.

The Many Benefits of Quitting

20 Minutes: The temperature of your hands and feet will increase back to normal, and your pulse and blood pressure will drop back down to normal.

8 Hours: The oxygen level in your blood will increase, and the carbon-monoxide level in your blood will drop back down to normal.

24 Hours: Your chance of having a heart attack decreases.

48 Hours: Your ability to smell and taste will be enhanced, walking will become easier, and your nerve endings will begin to regrow.

2-12 Weeks: Lung function will increase by up to 30%, and your circulation will improve.

1-9 Months: Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath will decrease. Also, cilia will regrow in the lungs, which increase your ability to handle mucus, reduce infection, and clean the lungs.

1 year: Your risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is laser therapy painful?
Not at all. You will be able to return to your normal routine following the treatment with no known side-effects.
2. How long are treatments?
Approximately thirty minutes.
3. Can I have treatments if I am using the nicotine patch or gum?
No, nicotine replacement therapy cannot be used as this is the drug you are addicted to.
4. How much does it cost?
$150.00 (including GST) for the initial visit.
$100.00 (including GST) for any subsequent visits within one month.

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